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What do you call a country having global cities, ancient ruins, and lovely beaches packed in an area just larger than Texas? I call it Turkey.

Turkey is one of the most mysterious countries in the world, attracting many tourists due to its diversity and history. Since there are many things to do during your stay in Turkey, a short vacation will not be sufficient for you to get a real hang of the diversity; from ancient ruins to world class cuisines. Therefore, it is best to spend your summer vacation in this great country, admiring and experiencing every inch of it. .

Istanbul is the gateway to Turkey. Apart from that, it has been the passage which connected Asia and Europe for many centuries. Therefore, it is the only city in the world which is located in two continents at the same time. When it comes to Istanbul alone, there are a number of attractions such as Grand Bazaar, the Underground Cistern, and Haghia Sophia that you ought to visit. Grand Bazaar is known as one of the oldest and largest markets that operate in the world. With over 1,200 shops, it attracts about 300,000 visitors daily. The shops in Grand Bazaar offer you all types of goods that you have ever wanted in your lifetime for reasonable prices. Pottery, jewelry, carpet, and spices are the most notable goods as these items have been in Grand Bazaar from its inception in 1461. .

If you are in to history, Troy is one attraction that you will never want to miss. The city of Troy has become immortal through the legendary work of Odyssey of Homer. The ruins of the long lost kingdom can be seen in the city of Troy. The knowledgeable tourists are constantly reminded by the scenic city of Troy about the famous Trojan War mentioned in Iliad and Odyssey. You can walk through walls of Troy in an attempt to relive the war time in your imagination. Although the original Trojan horse is nowhere to be found, you will see a replica of the Trojan horse that was created for the movie; 'Troy' standing near old ruins.

If you are keen on relaxing and enjoying your holidays lightly, then the city of Antalya is the perfect destination. This is the ideal city for sunbathing and swimming, for the city is located adjoining the Mediterranean Sea. When it comes to dining, restaurants, and entertainment, there is no city better than Belek. Belek consists of over 30 world class hotels and many channels of entertainment. Additionally, Belek has many adventures on offer, for which you can gain access through an adventure tour. For all golf lovers, there's no better place in Turkey than Belek that will make the stay, memorable and excited.

Fethiye is one of the main tourist attractions in Turkey, located in the province of Mugla. There is a lot of scenery to be indulged in, in this part of the country, and there are two main ways of accessing this beauty; by your own means or through organized tours. If you are interested in going there with guides and fellow tourists, you can make the bookings and arrangements in advance through the Internet. However, if you've got plenty of time in hand, it is best to take your own time and cover the whole city with a hired vehicle, as organized tours usually rush things over in here. .

Sufi whirling is one of the best cultural events that you should definitely not miss if you ever visit Turkey. Abandoned for many decades, for various reasons, the Turkish government has now granted permission for hosting events of Sufi whirling for just two weeks in the year, targeting tourist seasons. Therefore, you will want to find out the two weeks of Sufi window before you plan your travel to Turkey. .

There are three main transportation methods around the country; buses, trains, and domestic planes. Never think of using domestic planes for transportation as they are very expensive unless you are a business traveler. Bus is the best medium if you are looking for cheap transportation. There are also, tour services at your service if you are willing to participate in organized tours. These tours offer you comfortable busses and refreshments, but with the expense of rushing through tourist destinations as mentioned already. Similar to transportation, accommodation too comes with a variety in Turkey, where you can choose from expensive world class hotels to cheap lodges. .

Turkey being closely located at the Mediterranean Sea, it has moderate temperature winters and hot, humid summers. When it comes to the Eastern part of the country weather conditions become extreme. Whereas, Midland part of the country experience cold winters and extremely hot summers. From December through April, Eastern Turkey becomes quite difficult to access due to heavy winter where temperature may drop to -12 C. Therefore, spring and autumn are the best recommended times to visit Turkey.